Cortisone Injections and Joint Pain

When it comes to joint pain, prompt treatment can limit symptoms, reduce disability, and improve quality of life. Arthritis is the most common cause of joint pain, which affects millions of people in the United States. 

Here at Pain Management Specialists, board-certified interventional pain management physicians Stuart Hough, MD, and Ramani Peruvemba, MD, use a range of treatments to ease pain so you can focus on the things you enjoy. 

Cortisone injections are one tool we use to help relieve joint pain. In this post, we discuss what patients should know about this injection therapy and how it can relieve your pain so that you can get back to life. 

How does cortisone ease joint pain?

Cortisone is a steroid hormone produced naturally by the adrenal glands. When used as a medication, corticosteroids have a powerful ability to quell the immune system and reduce inflammation in various musculoskeletal conditions, including joint pain. 

Cortisone is injected into the affected joint to relieve pain and swelling. These injections can treat joint pain caused by wear and tear, as well as inflammatory arthritis. However, cortisone may be more effective at treating inflammatory joint problems. It’s difficult to predict treatment response. 

Managing joint pain often requires a comprehensive treatment approach that involves multiple therapies that work together to ease pain and improve function. For example, steroid injections can help relieve short-term joint pain, while disease-modifying antirheumatic medications have time to take effect.

How quickly do cortisone injections ease joint pain?

For patients whose joint pain responds well, cortisone can provide immediate relief. Sometimes it can take a few days before you start to feel an improvement in your joint pain. We recommend giving the cortisone up to a week to take effect. 

How long do cortisone injections provide joint pain relief?

Cortisone injections may provide joint pain relief for a few months, giving you back your life. In some cases, a single cortisone injection can ease joint pain for 12 months. Individual results vary but rest assured that your provider will monitor you closely and make adjustments to your treatment plan when appropriate, to keep you as free of joint pain as possible. 

Getting relief from joint pain

We approach joint pain in several ways and consider various factors in our treatment approach. Your road to joint pain relief starts with a comprehensive evaluation. Insights gained from your evaluation serve as guidance in creating an interventional plan to tamper down your joint pain so that you feel and function better in your daily life. 

If you’re struggling with joint pain, rely on the team at Pain Management Specialists to get you the relief you need. To get started, call or book online to schedule an appointment with one of our providers. We have offices in Rockville, and Frederick, Maryland. 

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