How Neuromodulation Relieves Chronic Pain

How Neuromodulation Relieves Chronic Pain

More than 50 million people in the US live with chronic pain. Characterized as pain that lasts at least three months or more, chronic pain can make work and daily activities challenging, and prevent you from living your life fully. 

Traditional pain management techniques sometimes fall short of providing lasting relief, leaving many people in search of alternative therapies. The team here at Pain Management Specialists offer a range of approaches for managing pain, including neuromodulation, an innovative treatment that gets to the source of pain.

Neuromodulation overview

Neuromodulation involves using an implanted medical device to alter nerve activity through targeted electrical stimulation. The goal is to regulate and normalize nerve function.

We use various techniques to apply this method, including:

The appropriate technique for you depends on the source and type of pain. 

How neuromodulation works 

By delivering mild electrical pulses to the nervous system, neuromodulation can alter the way nerves communicate pain signals to your brain. In the case of spinal cord stimulation, for example, a small device is implanted near the spine, where it emits electrical impulses that interfere with the pain signals sent to the brain. This relieves pain by reducing pain perception. 

Most devices are designed so that you can control the intensity of these impulses, which allows you to tailor the therapy to your specific needs.

Key advantages of neuromodulation

The most exciting advantage of neuromodulation is its ability to provide relief in cases where other treatments have failed. It's particularly beneficial for patients with neuropathic pain, which is typically difficult to treat with medications. 

Beyond pain reduction, neuromodulation can improve overall quality of life, increase mobility, and reduce the need for oral pain medications.

What patients can expect

The journey to pain management with neuromodulation typically begins with a thorough evaluation by one of our specialists to determine if you’re a suitable candidate. This usually involves a trial period where a temporary device is used to assess the effectiveness of the treatment for your specific pain condition. If successful, a more permanent solution is implanted.

The implantation procedure is minimally invasive and typically performed on an outpatient basis. Recovery times vary, but many patients report significant pain relief shortly after the device is activated. 

Effective pain management

When successful, neuromodulation can provide significant pain relief. However, it isn’t suitable for every case of chronic pain. Rest assured that our team will perform a thorough evaluation and determine which treatment option is the most appropriate and likely to most effectively manage your pain. 

If you're considering neuromodulation, consult with one of our specialists at Pain Management Specialists. With the right approach, neuromodulation could be a game-changer in your battle against chronic pain. Contact our offices in Frederick and Rockville, Maryland to schedule a visit. 

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